Alien Project : the chronology of facts

This page presents the facts of Alien Project, from the most recent to the oldest.

Nov. 6th

Outstanding press conference organized at San Luis Gonzaga National University of Ica. On this occasion, the university officials make it official to recover four of the “Nasca three-legged mummies” and launch an international call for researchers from around the world to join them in the scientific study of these mysterious relics. For the first time, an exhibition reveals mummies to the general public.

Video in Spanish:
13mn01: opening of the conference
39mn46: Thierry Jamin
1h08mn23: Jose de la Cruz / Olivier Sire
1h26mn17: Dimitri Galetskiy
2h01mn24: Jaime Maussan
2h38mn51: public presentation of mummies

Conference about the Nasca’s mummies at the University of Ica - Thierry Jamin

Oct. 28th

Local officials of the Ministry of Culture (DDC-Ica) make again an attempt to recover the mummies. But UNICA officials refuse to be intimidated. The police raid on the premises of a university is a “first” in Peru for decades.

See the Jois Mantilla’s video

Peruvian court's final classification of the complaint about the Nasca's mummies

Oct. 25th

Officials from the Ministry of Culture of Ica (SDC-Ica) burst into the premises of the National University San Luis Gonzaga de Ica, accompanied by a lawyer and several police officers to demand that they be handed over the “tridactyl mummies of Nasca”. But this incursion is illegal. Local officials of the Ministry of Culture do not have any document of justice allowing them to appropriate the famous relics.

See the Jois Mantilla’s video

Peruvian court's final classification of the complaint about the Nasca's mummies

Sep. 24th

Peruvian court’s final classification of the complaint against cultural property filed by the public prosecutor in charge of judicial affairs of the Ministry of Culture.

“[…] it was not possible to determine the place where the alleged leftovers were found; not knowing that the place of the site, it is not possible to determine if the site is or not archaeological … Thus, the denounced act does not constitute an offense (article 334.1 of the Code of penal procedure modified by the law 30076) .”

See the classification of complaint

Peruvian court's final classification of the complaint about the Nasca's mummies

Aug. 2d

Thierry Jamin’s Conference in Ica about the results of analyzes presented November 19th, 2018 the Congress of the Republic of Peru.

Thierry Jamin’s Conference in Ica about the Nasca's mummies

Aug. 1st

Officials from San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica manage to recover four of Nasca’s famous “tridactyl mummies”, “Maria”, “Wawita”, “Albert” and “Victoria”.

Jul. 30th

Examination of the molecular composition of different samples. As part of The Alien Project, five samples of different parts of the body of mummies found on the site of Nasca (Peru) were sent to Professor Olivier Sire, expert at the Rennes Court of Appeal in physico-chemical and biological analyzes and Agro-Food Industries, for examination of their molecular composition by mid-infrared spectroscopy. This technique makes it possible to identify the (bio) chemical composition of any sample made of organic matter. The analyzes were conducted at the Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute (UMR CNRS 6027) in Vannes (France).

See the report

Examination of the molecular composition of different samples of Nasca's mummies

Jan. 25th

Meeting between officials from the University of Ica, Armando Villanueva, Congressman, Jaime Maussan, Tercer Milenio and members of the Instituto Inkari Cusco.


Meeting between officials from the University of Ica and members of the Instituto Inkari Cusco.


Article devoted to the results announced at the conference of 19 November 2018 Ikaris magazine (in French).

Alien Project in Ikaris n°1

Nov. 19th

Presentation of the results of analyzes at the Congress of the Republic of Peru under the auspices of the congressman Armando Villanueva Mercado. With Thierry Jamin, Dr. Raymundo Salas, biologist José de la Cruz Ríos López, medical examiner José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, Dr. Clara Ines Martínez, Galestskiy Dmitriy Vladilàvovich, Manuel Ángel Cáceres, Salavador Angel Romero Martinez…

See the results page

Aug. 7th

Realization of CT-Scans HD on Maria, Josefina and Wawita.

Jul. 11th

Bill of the Congressman Armando Villanueva Mercado for the declaration of historical and cultural interest and the study of Nasca’s humanoid mummies.

Bill for study of Nasca's humanoid mummies


The first issue of Ikaris magazine (in French) offers a full article on Nasca’s mummies.

Alien Project in Ikaris n°1

Jan. 28th

For the first time, the case of Nasca’s mummies is the subject of a report on a French national channel. As part of the program “66 Minutes”, broadcast in France every Sunday, the channel M6 presents the facts in a rather objective way, giving the floor to Thierry Jamin and to those who, in Peru, doubt about the authenticity of this story. The final word will come back to the analyzes, currently in progress…

Alien Project dans 66 minutes sur M6

End Dec.

DNA analysis, C14, etc. biological material and analysis of non-biological materials continue…

Nov 29th

X-Rays of new biological material recovered with Dr. Edson Salazar.

Nov. 25th

The Inkari Cusco Instit. team manages to recover and study a new “grey” type specimen, as well as two new “small grey” type mummified heads and a 38cm long three-fingered hand.

New biological entity of type "small gray"

Oct. Nov.

Thierry Jamin and Alain Bonnet make a Tour of France to meet the Alien Project “s contributors of and give lectures.

October 7th, 2017 – Sarlat
October 12rd, 2017 – Toulouse
October 19th, 2017 – Perpignan
October 20th, 2017 – Col de Vence
October 21st, 2017 – Annecy
October 24th, 2017 – Lyon
October 25th, 2017 – Lille
October 26th, 2017 – Paris
October 27th, 2017 – Tours
November 4th 2017 – Angoulême

Aug. 4th

Thierry Jamin’s team manages to study 3 new “small grey” type specimens, baptized “The Family“.

Examination and X-Rays of 3 new “small grey” type biological entities.

The Family, 3 biological entities of "little gray" type

Jul. 11st

The Inkari – Cusco Institute, in association with the private American TV channel Gaia, the Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan and the Peruvian journalist Jois Mantilla, organizes for the first time a press conference in Lima, to present the first conclusions of the laboratory analyzes (X-rays, scanners, DNA, C14, etc.) of the EBs studied and the first conclusions of the scientists having worked directly on the biological material. These conclusions can be summarized in three points :

  1. it is biological material,
  2. this material is old or very old,
  3. No evidence of flagrant fraud has yet been found.


Jul. 9th

Examination of the hybrid body “Wawita“, “baby” in Quechua (ancient Andean language still in use).

Wawita, baby "hybrid"

May 19-20th

The Inkari Cusco Instit. team recovers a new biological “Grey type” entity nicknamed “Victoria“.

Jaime Maussan comes back to Cusco with a TV crew from the United States.

Victoria, gray little headless

May 9th

First CT-Scan of “Josefina“, “Alberto” and “Maria“.

May 2nd

X-Rays of “Maria” and “Josefina” in the presence of Jaime Maussan’s team and two North American TV channels.

Discovery of three “eggs” (?) in “Josefina’s abdomen”.

X-ray of the hybrid Maria

Apr. 25th

Jaime Maussan and 2 American TV channels come with Thierry Jamin and the Inkari Cusco Instit. team, to meet Mario in Palpa.

Mario reveals to the Inkari Cusco team an exceptional biological “Hybrid” type entity, nicknamed “Maria” by Thierry Jamin and his group.

The Inkari Cusco Instit. team manages to convince “Mario” to lend them “Maria” to carry out the first clinical analysis of the “relic”, as well as X-Rays and Cat-scans.

Maria, hybrid entity discovered in Nazca, Peru

Apr 23rd

Jaime Maussan’s first trip to Cusco, a Mexican journalist and 2 American TV channels.  With Dr. Jose Jesus Zalce Benitez, Medical Chief Officer of the Mexican Navy, Mexican Biologist Dr Jose De La Cruz Rios Lopez and Dr. Kontsnatin G. Korotkov, Ph/D, Professor of Medicine at the St. Petersburg Federal University, Russia.

Jaime Maussan in Cusco

Apr. 3rd

First samples collection of different mummified bodies and sends to several laboratories located in various countries.

Apr. 2nd

The Inkari Cusco Institute recovers a second “small grey” type mummified body, nicknamed Josefina” by Thierry Jamin, 4 brains and several objects made of metal, stone and bone.

Mar. 13-15th

The Inkari-Cusco Instit. recovers the first 60 cm long complete body, “small grey” type, quickly nicknamed “Alberto” by the Internet users.

Then, analysis and X-Rays of this new Biological Entity (E.B.)

Alberto, biological entity type "small gray" of 60 cm

Mar. 12th

End of the crowdfunding.

Eight hundred contributors (mostly French) can exceed the budget. That is 136% of the initial project. 39 510 € funded.

Crowdfunding Alien Project on Ulule

Feb 7th

Thierry Jamin and Alain Bonnet start a crowdfunding on the “Ulule” platform to finance DNA and Carbon14 analysis of recovered biological entities.

Estimated budget: 29 000 €

Feb. 4th

2 mummified heads – “Little Grey” type – are recovered by the Inkari Cusco Instit. team, as well as 3 three-fingered mummified hands .

First Analysis and X-Rays of heads and hands, with Dr. Edson Salazar Vivanco.

End jan.

Thierry Jamin, José Casafranca Montés and Edward Valenzuela Gil, of the Inkari Cusco Institute meet the leader of the huaqueros, “Mario”* , for the first time, in a hotel in La Paz (Bolivia).
* Called “Mario” by Thierry Jamin.

First biological entity 38 cm long.
In Puno, the Inkari Cusco Institute team manages to recover and then study a first Biological Entity (E.B.) lent by “Mario”.
X-Rays and Analysis of this E.B.

The Inkari Cusco Instit. team manages to recover, and then study several carved stones looking like UFO and ET, discovered in the first “sarcophagus”.


Thierry Jamin and his team sett off to Nasca in order to identify and meet the grave robbers (huaqueros).

Jan. 10th

Thierry Jamin sends a letter to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture (with the English translation) to let him know about the case and requests the quick intervention of his services, to avoid a possible destruction of archaeological sites in the Nasca area.

Letter addressed to the Peruvian authorities January 10th, 2017


First meeting at the Inkari Cusco Institute with a certain “Luis Quispe”, alias “Paul R.”, a contact of grave robbers.

Several meetings between Thierry Jamin, José Casafranca Montes and “Paul” allow to learn more about the “huaqueros” (grave robbers) and the circumstances of the discovery of the site. At the same time, Thierry Jamin and the Inkari Cusco Instit. team took the opportunity to study the biological material recovered by “Paul”.

End of

At the end of 2015, discovery of the site, in the Nasca-Palpa area, by grave robbers, or huaqueros.

 Nazca - Discovery Zone
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