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Dear Web Friends,

We are happy and proud to welcome you on the Alien Project official website!

Many of you asked us to create a website and a forum dedicated to this incredible story of mummified bodies and organs discovered in southern Peru towards the end of 2015.

Alien Project : the facts

We are aware that thousands of people around the world want to know, like us, whether they are fake or authentic biological relics belonging to unknown terrestrial species or outside our planet.

Thanks to the crowd-funding success, organized on the Ulule platform last February and in March 2017, we can start the DNA and Carbon 14 analysis on the biological relics recovered by the Inkari Cusco Institute these last weeks and determine scientifically whether it is true organic materials or whether it is fake.

At the end of these analysis, all official documents and X-rays will be published in their entirety on this website.

Your help, Dear Friends, has been and remains decisive in this search for The Truth. I can assure you that we will shed light on this story and we promise to tell you everything.

Who are we?

First of all, let me remind you that the main object of the Inkari-Cusco Institute, which I have had the honor to preside over since 2009, is not ufology, but archaeological research, within framework and respect of the procedures and regulations governing modern archeology (see the website:

For nearly two decades, my team and I have devoted ourselves to the study of the Incas’ permanent presence in the Amazonian forest and their main settlement: the Paititi lost city. These researches have always been supervised by projects approved by the Peruvian authorities, mainly the Ministries of Culture and Environment (see:

For years, the Inkari – Cusco Institute has enjoyed a good reputation, in particular thanks to the discoveries achieved by my team in Machu Picchu in 2012 (see: The reason why Peruvian citizens regularly contact us is that we have discovered ruins near them.

Others call onto us to obtain an expertise, for example concerning objects discovered in their fields. In this context, we were contacted at the end of October 2016 by two inhabitants of Cusco about mysterious mummies discovered a few months before in the desert of southern Peru. You know what followed…

Broadcast the information

Convinced of the authenticity of this story, what should we do? Keep it for us, or share it with the general public? For decades, millions of people worldwide have been looking for “The” proof. This group of Peruvian “huaqueros” may have discovered it.

From now on, totally involved in this story (which still contains, it is true, many dark zones), members of the Inkari – Cusco Institute will conduct the investigation for you, and with you.

This website is naturally called to evolve over the weeks and according to the developments of this strange affair.

You will also find on this page all the news and videos related to the Alien Project. We are open to your suggestions to develop this site with you…

Welcome to & See you very soon!

Thierry JAMIN


Many thanks to Catherine Rayer for the translation.

Alien Project press conference Lima 11/07/2017

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Material’s inventory

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