Alberto, discovered in Nasca – Peru is a growing specimen of 60.5 cm long with a metal implant on the right hip. He is probably suffering from a bone disease.



Size: 60,50 cm
Espèce: Humanoid Reptile
Gender: male
3 fingered hands including 4 phalanges and a long fingernail
Feet of 3 toes including 3 phalanges
Présence of joints
6 pairs of ribs, plus 2 floating pairs
Neck possibly retractable

Growing specimen, possibly with bone disease.

Presence of metal implant inserted at the right hip.


Discovery of Alberto and analyzes by 2 surgeons, Dr. Ramiro Hermoza Rosell and Dr. Renan Ramirez Vargas
March 16th, 2017

X-ray analyzes of Alberto by Dr. Edson Salazar Vivanco, general practitioner
March 17th, 2017

Metal implant

Metal implant on the right hip Alberto

The average composition is estimated at about 25% of copper for 50% of silver.

The composition of this sample matches perfectly with the typical compositions listed for Pre-Columbian era objects made from a copper-silver alloy. The observable micro-structure in topographic imaging seems to indicate that the source object was designed by stamping coppersilver alloy leaflets by cold-threshing, a technique also listed for many Pre-Columbian objects design.

Concerning the implant bio-compatibility made from such an alloy, given the chemical activity of copper and silver depending on the context (pH, …), the histological consequences on a living organism would be uncertain and requires the advice of a specialist.

See report and synthesis of metal analysis

2 cuts CT-Scans

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