Translation: Catherine Rayer


Size: 1.68m
Species: Jamin Palpanensis
Gender: female
3 fingered hands and feet
Fingers and toes with 5 phalanges
Presence of joints
Body very well preserved, with visible skin and partially visible fingerprints on the hands and feet
No hair
No ear flag
Cranial capacity 19% higher than for humans


Discovery of Maria in Palpa near Nasca

Maria’s X-ray analysis by Dr. Edson Vivanco Salazar

C14 Dating

years ±30

Beta Analytics

years ±30


DNA Analyzes


  • Homo Sapiens 33.6%

PhD SK / Biotecmol

  • Homo Sapiens 33,68%
  • Bacteria and other genomes 18,42%
  • Unclassified 47,90%

Research conducted in July 2018 on NCBI based on Fastq files provided by Biotecmol.

University of St Petersburg

  • Homo Sapiens 23,8%
  • Unclassified 79,2%

Congress of the Republic of Peru on November 19th, 2018

José de la Cruz Ríos López


From 23:23

Raymundo Salas

Radiologist doctor

Translation: Catherine Rayer

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Galetskiy Dmitriy Vladislàvovich

Medicine’s University of St. Petersburg – Russia

Translation: Catherine Rayer

From 08:39 to 15:46
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The hands

Left hand

Right hand

The feet

Presentation by José de la Cruz Ríos López


Présentation de José de la Cruz Ríos López

Right foot and heel – Comparison with the human foot


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