Victoria is a Humanoid Reptile who was found in sitting position and without head.

Translation: Catherine Rayer


Species: Humanoid Reptile
The body has no head.
Gender: possibly male
Size: about 56.00 cm
3 fingered hands including 4 phalanges and a long fingernail
Feet of 3 toes with 3 phalanges
Presence of joints
11 pairs of ribs, including 2 floating pairs
Exposed skin, and porosity, brown color
Possibly retractile neck

The specimen was encountered in a sitting position, the half folded lower and upper limbs.


Victoria overview

Dating C14

Prélèvement d'un échantillon sur Victoria

years ±30


years ±15

LAC-UFF Brésil

DNA analysis

Échantillon du Reptile Humanoïde Victoria

Biotechmol – Mexico

Cervical vertebra

  • Homo Sapiens 36,27%

Hip bone

  • Homo Sapiens 29,12%

Abraxas – Mexico

Cervical vertebra

  • Homo Sapiens 14.29%

Hip bone

  • Homo Sapiens 15.26%


Study by the biologist José de la Cruz López Ríos


Images made from CT-Scans 2 cuts

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