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Critics for dummies

Critics for dummies "A lie that works is better than a truth that confuses it." Most of us do not imagine being targets. But deceiving, hiding, misleading or disguising the facts can manipulate public opinion, impose its certainties and protect...

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Maria, an exotic humanity?

Maria, an exotic humanity? Introduction With her strange morphology, Maria who was found in the Nazca area is sometimes suspected by skeptics to be the result of surgical manipulations in order to swindle tourists and gullible people. Relying on Internet images, and...

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Are the “mummy” Maria’s hands human?

Are the "mummy" Maria's hands human? Introduction According to an article  published on the web [1], a web paleontologist asserts that the hands of the Nazca specimen called Maria, woud be the products of fraudulent manipulation, realized from...

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Scientists Declaration about “mummies” Nasca

Statement of the scientific community about extraterrestrial mummies From scientific argumentation and attitude, to the confession of faith, who are the representatives of the science of the 21st century? Do your own opinion! Let's take up...

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Humanoid reptilians’ skulls: just a scale problem

Humanoid reptilians’ skulls: just a scale problem Some have suggested that the "mummified" heads found in Nasca, Peru, by grave robbers were made from cats ‘... or dogs’ skulls. The vagueness about cat or dog, is already somewhat suspicious....

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